For the younger age groups the focus is on building up general fitness and mobility whilst having fun. As they move up the age groups, more emphasis is put on developing good running technique, increased aerobic fitness and endurance. Juniors are also introduced to good practice such as appropriate stretching routines and injury prevention. Transition practice is also covered during these sessions.

Adults also work on increased aerobic fitness, strength and endurance, including structured speed sessions and hill work. Our athletes are often also members of local athletic clubs such as Tynedale Harriers and Allen Valley Striders.

Kit Required

  • trainers
  • comfortable loose, stretchy clothes suitable for running
  • a warm-up/cool down layer
  • drink

Parents/carers are reminded that proper trainers are essential for running (not general purpose canvas shoes) in order to protect against injury. Please remind your child that his/her laces should always be securely tied. Drinks should be brought to all sessions to ensure proper hydration during training. However, specialist sports drinks are not necessary for young children and plain water is perfectly adequate.